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Together معاً


"Together " by Jad Maq.

Created through listening, a process of hearing the word "together" and seeing the color red everywhere during this time period.
Casted my body and my girlfriend's body, to create such an incredible love energy and unity.

Dimensions 200x100 CM

Shipping: 2-4 Weeks.

Shipping: To ensure the safety of the artwork, a custom crate is precisely constructed to fit the artwork's dimensions. Depending on the artwork's specifications and complexity, it will be ready for shipment within 1 to 2 weeks. When the artwork is ready to be shipped you will be notified with an email that includes a tracking ID and any additional details.

Additional information:
• International shipping is available.
• Artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
• Each piece is hand-signed by the artist.

Help and Support:
If you have any questions in regards of the shipping process or the artwork please contact: [email protected]

Thank you