About Jad Maq

Jad Maq is a surrealist artist who’s primary focus is the functionality of the human mind.

In late 2019, Jad tapped into his heart and intuitively decided to seek his passion.

In this path he began being enlightened about human nature, human creativity, and earth’s colors; while also meeting the other end of spectrum which were influences of disconnection and discoloration.

Only through remaining true to himself, it lead him into a purer path during this journey. A path which gave him the confidence to communicate and spread love through his craft. Encouraging being kind and to have empathy for others.

4 years later, his works have homes in more than 65 countries, resonating with 40 million people through online impressions worldwide.

The language of Jad Maq’s art has a gravitational field that pulls you closer towards oneness, having an incredible sensory journey while witnessing the tactile materials he manipulates in his artworks.

Passionately treating every-day life as his canvas, he uses his brushes to turn ideas that one is subconsciously aware-of into physically present planes for you to experience. Emphasizing the intimacy of a collective consciousness.

He does it harmoniously through his observation skills and his boundless curiosity towards human growth and one’s betterment.

At the core, Jad stands for using purity and love, using this as fuel to seek development of human consciousness. Instigating the courage to do what you love and to do great things as it takes more energy to avoid our destiny than to fulfill it.