About Jad Maq

     Jad Maq is an experimental and expressive artist who’s focused on externalizing the subconscious onto canvas. His foray into art was ignited by difficult circumstances, all of which required the artist to find a means of expression.

       His struggles throughout his childhood continued into his early adult life as he chose to focus on his true passions and career. Struggling with abuse, which led to separation, homelessness and starvation. His dreams and curiosity fueled him throughout the intense challenges, and without them, he would not have anything to live for. 

      Overtime, he was able to develop an individual style which consists of spirals that he paints to symbolise layers of social constructs, to implement self-awareness, and he began to garner the attention around the globe. 

     At the core, art taught Jad Maq to embrace life by providing value and beauty to his own, following his passions and learning what it means to embrace ones true inner self. In return, he strives to provide what he received by giving this love and passion back to people.







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